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Pricing varies due to area and what you would like cleaned. Our minimum fees are listed below. Contact JustKlean for a FREE estimate!

Residential Services
Carpet Cleaning
Service Fee
Environmental Waste Fee
(disposal of dirt water per job)
Minimum Charge $99.00  
Each additional area, less than 250 sq ft: $40.00
Bio Treatment (Enzyme), Urine, Vomit, Fecies per area $49.00
Each stair: $4.00
RotoVac® service fee per room: $10.00
Upholstery Cleaning
Service Fee
Chair (one seat, less than 3' wide): $39.00
Loveseat (two seats, less than 6' long): $79.00
Full Sofa (three seats, less than 9' long): $99.00
"L" Shape Sofa $199.00

Commercial Services
More information on our commercial services can be found here.

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